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WDP: Construction Of Paul Brown Stadium Only Cost Tax Payers $250 Million

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What appeared as a way to reach out to fans, the people that the team perceives as nothing more than money machines, the perception of the Who Dey Perspective appears as nothing more than a way for the team to answer critics about hot button issues, such as refuting a Cincinnati Enquirer report from January. We suppose it makes sense from the team's point of view, who feel aren't getting a fair voice in the court of public opinion. For those of you with shouting arguments that are about to roll off your tongue, you're preaching to the choir.

Jack Brennan posted another perspective that began by, well, refuting another Cincinnati Enquirer article.

Construction costs haven’t been in the news lately, but The Enquirer has consistently described costs as being in the $400-450 million range. Others have even tried to suggest that the cost was over $1 billion.

The facts are closer to $330 million.

One of Brennan's arguments for high costs blames Hamilton County and Cincinnati, who wanted to move Paul Brown Stadium from "publicly owned land next to the Roebling Suspension Bridge" to where it stands today which "added $100 million in extra costs for land, new roads, and infrastructure."

What we do have a problem with is that some folks try and foist those costs onto Paul Brown Stadium. The facts are that actual construction costs were more in the $330 million range. Take away the $50 million provided by the Bengals and $40 million provided by the State of Ohio, and you end up with around $250 million covered by local taxpayers.

Do you buy Brennan's argument?