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Bengals Could Have "Serious Thoughts" About Drafting Nebraska Cornerback Prince Amukamara

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According to Gil Brandt, when the Bengals send defensive backs coach Kevin Coyle to a Pro Day, it means that they have "serious thoughts about drafting a particular player." And on Thursday, Coyle was in Nebraska during the Cornhuskers Pro Day, which featured cornerback Prince Amukamara. Brandt writes that:

In my estimation, Amukamara (6 ½ feet, 205 pounds), who stood on his NFL Scouting Combine numbers but looked very smooth and fluid in his workout, is worth a top-10 selection. The good thing about him is that he can play press coverage and off coverage, which makes him ready for the NFL. He’s not afraid to tackle, either.

It's no secret that the team needs to rebuild the secondary, particularly at safety. But with expiring contracts possibly forcing the team to pay enormous contracts for Johnathan Joseph (will enter free agency) and Leon Hall (one year left on the contract), rebuilding the cornerback roster might be just as important, if for anything, long-term planning. And since the draft features two cornerback prospects that could go in the top-ten, the Bengals could be better off drafting one to replace Johnathan Joseph if he leaves for free agency. And who really believes he'll return?

According to ESPN's Draft Tracker, Amukamara rates as exceptional to above average in every category -- especially instincts, recognition, run support, durability and intangibles.

Takes care of business both on the field and off to succeed and improve. Above-average student. Well-liked by teammates and coaching staff. No off-the-field issues.