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Jay Gruden Attends Quarterback Andy Dalton's Workout During TCU's Pro Day

Along with San Francisco head coach Jim Harbaugh and Jacksonville's Dirk Koetter, the Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden attended Texas Christian University's Pro Day. The high-profile player? Quarterback Andy Dalton. Ah. Quarterback. Are we going to do that song and dance again? The stalemate of Carson Palmer and the Cincinnati Bengals hasn't changed since late January with one side saying, "you're not going anywhere" with the other saying, "fine, I'll quit." In the meantime, the Bengals are being proactive enough to at least foresee Palmer following through on his threat.

According to Brandt:

Dalton made 50 passes and there was not a single uncatchable ball. He really made quite a showing for himself, and he likely will be a second-round pick now.

Dalton stayed on all of his combine numbers, and measured 6-foot-2 ¼, and 210 pounds. He is athletic and throws with great velocity. In addition to the great workout, it’s important to note that Dalton has been a winner, only losing three games during his college career to Oklahoma, Utah (the year the Utes beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl), and against Boise State in the 2010 Fiesta Bowl.

According to Brandt, Dalton "has three private workouts scheduled with Cleveland, Chicago and New England."

In four seasons with the Horned Frogs, Dalton posted 10,314 yards passing and 71 passing touchdowns with only 30 interceptions. Dalton led TCU to an undefeated season, capped with a 21-19 win over Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl recording a passing and rushing touchdown.

Mocking the Draft ranks Dalton as the 6th best quarterback prospect while ESPN ranks him fifth (In$ider). Their Draft Tracker ranks Dalton as average in intelligence, decision-making, accuracy, release, arm strength and pocket mobility while grading him above average in leadership.