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Fox Sports: Of 30 Draft Picks Since 2008 NFL Draft, Bengals Have Drafted Seven Starters

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Fox Sports broke down the Bengals previous three drafts. And this should make you happy. Of the 30 picks the Bengals have selected dating back to 2008, seven are starters, 12 are backups, three are with other teams, four are out of the NFL and four are on an IR/PUP list.

Best pick: Defensive end Carlos Dunlap, 2010 (second round, 54th overall): Dunlap has provided something that the Bengals have been lacking for a while - a dominant pass rusher. He had 6.5 sacks over the last five games and with 9.5 on the season he finished second among NFL rookies last year.

Worst pick: Offensive tackle Andre Smith, 2009 (first round, 6th overall): Smith has played in only 13 games during his first two seasons and has been beset by foot problems and weight issues. Much like when he was drafted there remain questions about whether or not he has the maturity or ability to be a starting right tackle in the league.

If you break it down further, Keith Rivers is the only regular starter from the 2008 NFL Draft. Jerome Simpson, Pat Sims and Anthony Collins have sporadic starts, but none are regular starters -- especially when players before them on the depth chart are healthy. Rey Maualuga and Michael Johnson are really the only starters from the 2009 NFL Draft with sporadic starts from Andre Smith and Morgan Trent. If you include punters as a starter, Kevin Huber would be another. Jermaine Gresham, Jordan Shipley and Geno Atkins have started from the 2010 NFL draft class with Gresham being the only regular.