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Cincy Jungle Favorite Football Movie Tournament Weekly Recap

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Friday Night Lights
Friday Night Lights

We're in the second round of our football movie tournament and we've seen some pretty close match-ups. First, The Blind Side took down Gridiron Gang by a score of 262-80 votes. Then, there was a match-up between two first-round underdogs between The Waterboy and Varsity Blues; The Waterboy won 277-166. The next night, there was a massive upset in which The Replacements took down the heavily favored Rudy by receiving 289 votes to Rudy's 233. The next night, Remember the Titans took down Invincible by a score of 322-65 and then on Friday, Friday Night Lights defeated The Program, one of my all-time favorites, by a score of 157-121.

This coming week, we'll have our final second-round match up between Any Given Sunday and Brian's Song. Then we'll allow you to redeem one second-round loser, just like we did in our first round and then we'll move into the semi-finals.

We're getting close to finding the greatest football movie of all time. Thanks for voting as much as you have, and keep it up. We only have a little over a week before we find the greatest football movie of all time.