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Cincy Jungle: Favorite Football Movie Tournament Round Two Continued

Any Given Sunday
Any Given Sunday

Tonight is the last match-up in the second round of our football movie tournament. Tomorrow we'll allow you to select one second round loser to bring back into the tournament. That team will play against the first round loser that you selected to be brought back from the dead (Jerry Maguire) in the semi-finals. Tonight's match-up is between No. 14 Any Given Sunday and No. 2 Brian's song.

Here's little about how both of these movies go to this point in our tournament.

Brian's Song got to the second round by defeating No. 23 Necessary Roughness, receiving 58 percent of the vote. You can see the trailer for Brian's Song here. (man, trailers used to be terrible)

Also, Brian's Song stars Lando Calrissian, before he betrayed Han Solo, of course.

Any Given Sunday got to the second round by upsetting No. 11 Radio, receiving 76 percent of the vote. You can see the trailer for Any Given Sunday here.

Will the true story of Brian's Song beat out Any Given Sunday or will Any Given Sunday's Willie Beamen lead the Sharks to the third round?