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Charting Bengals Activity With This Year's Prospects

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UPDATE: We sorted out the private work outs from the visits.

Last year we tracked every workout, Pro Day, interest (even if it were rumor), as we could and put it in a nice chart to keep track of. Note: for all of the guys we tracked, the Bengals only drafted one guy (Jermaine Gresham). This list was comprised of reports from local beat writers, draft gurus and wherever else we could get our hands on some information. If it was reported, we tried to convey it. Mind you. It had to be reported first before we put it on the list. We don't hear something and just throw it up there thinking you'd believe us even if we did hear something. It would have to be confirmed from an outside source. So the following is a chart of prospects with respective activity which will grow as time moves on. A couple of things to note:

1) This is NOT a definite list of Bengals activity. They very well could be doing other things, or visited other schools and it just wasn't reported. We can't assume which schools that they visit until those that post the story explicitly say so, or the story points out that all 32 teams were represented.

2) Pro Days are tricky. With many schools, there's between 10-20 people showing off their measurables in front of scouts. The best we can do is figure out which of our coaches attended and the most likely person that they're checking out. For example, our defensive backs coach isn't checking offensive guards, is he? Regardless, we generally add all players that performed at a Pro Day, provided the Bengals were reported to have attended.

3) We fully expect to miss reports. So if you have updates on reports, email me at JoshKirkendall [at] gmail [dot] com with the report (aka, link) of the team's interest to help us make this list fuller.

Click the header of a column to sort it. Click the player's name to learn more about the Bengals' interest in them. You need to let the page load entirely before sorting the data.

Position Player School Private Work Host Pro Day Rumored Interest Local Pro Day
OG Randall Hunt Illinois     x  
OLB Von Miller Texas A&M     x  
DT Marcell Dareus Alabama     x x  
OT Derek Sherrod Miss. State     x  
CB Prince Amukamara (V) Nebraska   x x x  
OG Danny Watkins Baylor x      
QB Ryan Mallett Arkansas   x x  
QB Nathan Enderle Idaho x x x  
QB Andy Dalton (WO) TCU x x x  
QB Cam Newton (more) Auburn  x x x  
RB Brandon Saine tOSU       x  
CB Patrick Peterson LSU   x    
QB Pat Devlin Delaware     x  
QB Greg McElroy Alabama     x  
RB Mark Ingram Alabama     x  
WR Julio Jones Alabama x x x x  
WR Courtney Smith Alabama     x  
TE Preston Dial Alabama     x  
OL James Carpenter Alabama     x  
DB Michael Ricks Alabama     x  
TE Ben Cleveland Arkansas     x  
OL DeMarcus Love Arkansas     x  
OL Dominquez Ray Arkansas     x  
DE Damario Ambrose Arkansas     x  
LB Freddy Burton Arkansas     x  
CB Ramon Broadway Arkansas     x  
WR Darvin Adams Auburn     x  
OG Mike Berry Auburn     x  
DT Nick Fairley Auburn   x x  
DL Zach Clayton Auburn   x x  
DL Mike Blanc Auburn     x  
LB Josh Bynes Auburn     x  
LB Craig Stevens Auburn     x  
RB Deonte Jackson Idaho     x  
TE Daniel Hardy Idaho     x  
DE Aaron Lavarais Idaho     x  
DB Shiloh Keo Idaho     x  
RB Derrick Locke Kentucky     x  
WR Randall Cobb Kentucky     x  
WR Chris Matthews Kentucky     x  
RB Roy Helu Nebraska     x  
WR Niles Paul Nebraska     x  
TE Mike McNeill Nebraska     x  
DE Eric Hagg Nebraska     x  
DB Dejon Gomes Nebraska     x  
P/K Alex Henry Nebraska     x  
K Adi Kunalic Nebraska     x  
RB Brandon Saine tOSU     x  
WR Dan Sanzenbacher tOSU     x  
OG Justin Boren tOSU     x  
OG Bryant Browing tOSU     x  
NT Dexter Larimore tOSU     x  
DE Cameron Heyward tOSU     x  
LB Homan Ross tOSU     x  
LB Brian Rolle tOSU     x  
CB Chimdi Chekwa tOSU     x  
DB Devon Torrence tOSU     x  
DB Jermale Hines tOSU     x  
RB DeMarco Murray Oklahoma     x  
WR Cameron Kenney Oklahoma     x  
OT Cory Brandon Oklahoma     x  
DE Jeremy Beal Oklahoma     x  
FS Quinton Carter Oklahoma     x  
QB Scott Tolzien Wisconsin     x  
RB John Clay Wisconsin     x  
WR David Gilreath Wisconsin     x  
WR Isaac Anderson Wisconsin     x  
TE Lance Kendricks Wisconsin     x  
OL John Moffitt Wisconsin     x  
DE J.J. Watt Wisconsin     x  
QB Jerrod Johnson Texas A&M     x  
C Matt Allen Texas A&M     x  
DT Lucas Patterson Texas A&M     x  
WR Jeremy Kerley TCU     x  
WR Jimmy Young TCU     x  
OL Marcus Cannon TCU     x  
C Jake Kirkpatrick TCU     x  
DE Wayne Daniels TCU     x  
FS Colin Jones TCU     x  
DL Pernell McPhee Miss. State     x  
LB KJ Wright Miss. State     x  
LB Chris White Miss. State     x  
LB Greg Jones Michigan St.   x   x
QB Blaine Gabbert Missouri x x x  
WR Torrey Smith Maryland x x x x  
RB Da'Rel Scott Maryland     x  
LB Adrian Moten Maryland     x  
DE Jabaal Sheard Pittsburgh     x x  
QB Christian Ponder Florida State x x x x  
LB Martez Wilson Illinois x   x x  
DE Da'Quan Bowers Clemson   x x  
RB Jamie Harper Clemson     x  
TE Barry Durrell Clemson     x  
DT Jarvis Jenkins Clemson     x  
DB DeAndre McDaniel Clemson     x  
DB Marcus Gilchrist Clemson     x  
DB Byron Maxwell Clemson     x  
CB Korey Lindsey-Woods Northwestern     x  
DL Muhammad Wilkerson Temple     x x  
ILB Elijah Joseph Temple     x  
S Jaiquawn Jarrett Temple     x  
DL Elisha Joseph Temple     x  
WR Mike Campbell Temple     x  
OL Will Rackley Lehigh     x x  
DB Jarard Cribbs Lehigh     x  
DB John Kennedy Lehigh        
RB Evan Royster PSU x      
QB Mike Kafka Northwestern     x x  
DE Adrian Clayborn Iowa     x    
QB Ricky Stanzi Iowa     x    
WR Vincent Brown San Diego State x        
DB Buster Skrine Tenn-Chatt          
WR A.J. Green (V) Georgia   x x x  
DE Justin Houston Georgia     x    
OG Clint Boling Georgia     x    
WR Kris Durham Georgia     x    
DE DaMarcus Dobbs Georgia     x    
LB Akeem Dent Georgia     x    
FB Shaun Chapas Georgia     x    
CB Vance Cuff Georgia     x    
OG Chris Davis Georgia     x    
OT Josh Davis Georgia     x    
OLB Darryl Gamble Georgia     x    
CB Chad Gloer Georgia     x    
TE Derek Rich Georgia     x    
DL Kiante Tripp Georgia     x    
RB Delone Carter Syracuse     x x  
P Rob Long Syracuse     x    
LB Derrell Smith Syracuse     x    
LB Doug Hogue Syracuse     x    
C Ryan Batholomew Syracuse     x    
DB Mistral Raymond South Florida     x x  
DL Terrell McClain South Florida     x    
WR Dontavia Bogan South Florida     x    
OLB Jacquian Williams South Florida     x    
OL Jamar Bass South Florida     x    
DE David Bedford South Florida     x    
OL Sampson Genus South Florida     x    
TE Kevin Gidrey South Florida     x    
LB Sabbath Joseph South Florida     x    
FB Richard Kelly South Florida     x    
DE Craig Marshall South Florida     x    
RB Mo Plancher South Florida     x    
OL Jacob Sims South Florida     x    
DB Chris Conte Cal x        
WR Joe Horn Ashland x x x    
WR Armon Binns Cincinnati     x    
WR Vidal Hazelton Cincinnati   x x   x
TE Ben Guidugli Cincinnati     x    
K Jake Rodgers Cincinnati     x    
OL C.J. Cobb Cincinnati     x    
OL Samuel Griffin Cincinnati     x    
RB John Goebel Cincinnati     x   x
OL Jason Kelce Cincinnati   x x    
TE Jordan Cameron Southern Cal     x x  
OL Tyron Smith Southern Cal     x    
OL Kris O'Dowd Southern Cal     x    
RB Allen Bradford Southern Cal     x    
FB Stanley Havili Southern Cal     x    
DL Jurrell Case Southern Cal     x    
LB Malcolm Smith Southern Cal     x    
WR Ronald Johnson Southern Cal     x    
CB Shareece Wright Southern Cal     x    
LB Jabara Williams Stephen F. Austin     x x  
DL Kenneth Charles Stephen F. Austin     x    
RB Alex Green Hawaii     x x  
WR Kealoha Pilares Hawaii     x    
CB Lametrius Davis Hawaii     x    
WR Greg Salas Hawaii     x    
OL Laupepa Letuli Hawaii     x    
DB Mana Silva Hawaii     x    
RB Bilal Powell Louisville x        
OT Chris Hairston Clemson x   x    
DE Robert Eddins Ball State Uni.     x    
OL Michael Switzer Ball State Uni.     x    
DL Bryan Hardister Saint Francis     x    
RB Elijah Flowers Saint Francis     x    
OLB Sam Acho Texas     x x  
DB Aaron Williams Texas     x    
DB Curtis Brown Texas     x    
DB Chykie Brown Texas     x    
WR James Kirkendoll Texas     x    
TE Greg Smith Texas     x    
WR John Chiles Texas     x    
OL Michael Huey Texas     x    
DE Eddie Jones Texas     x    
RB Vondrell McGee Texas     x    
LB Jared Norton Texas     x    
OG Mike Pouncey Florida   x      
S Rajric Coleman Utah State x        
CB Curtis Marsh Utah State x        
RB Daniel Thomas Kansas State x        
CB Korey Lindsey Southern Illinois   x      
OT Johnny Culbreath South Carolina State x        
CB Jimmy Smith Colorado   x      
S Rahim Moore UCLA x        
K Nate Whitaker Sanford x        
S Wyatt Middleton Navy x        
WR Aldrick Robinson SMU x        
WR Edmund Gates Abilene Christian x        
RB Taiwan Jones Eastern Washington     x x  

Names that are no linked are players that were at the Pro Day that Bengals players attended.

Note: The Bengals have been confirmed to be in attendence for the following Pro Days.

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Auburn
  • OSU
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas A&M
  • Mississippi State
  • Nebraska
  • Idaho
  • TCU
  • Delaware
  • Wisconsin
  • Temple
  • Lehigh
  • Clemson
  • Illinois
  • Florida State
  • Missouri
  • Maryland
  • Northwestern
  • Iowa
  • Temple
  • Syracuse
  • Georgia
  • South Florida
  • Cincinnati
  • USC
  • Ball State University
  • Hawaii