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Cincy Jungle: Favorite Football Movie Tournament Match-Up Between the Redeemed

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The Program
The Program

We decided to give you the chance to bring back a movie that was eliminated from the first and second round. In the first round, you chose to bring back Jerry Maguire, and in the second round, you -- being the ultimate geniuses that you are -- brought back The Program over Rudy (good job!).

Tonight, those two movies go head to head to to decide which one gets to take its rightful place in the semi-finals.

So, football movie fans, which movie will it be: the movie about a sports agent and his loud mouthed receiver or the movie about the pressures of being a division one college football program in the hunt for a national championship?

The winner of this match-up will move on to play the winner of Any Given Sunday and Friday Night Lights who will go up against each other later this week.

I want to be objective but I also feel it necessary to say that if The Program doesn't win, something is seriously wrong with world.