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Two Brothers and Bengals Fans Bill Owner Mike Brown For Their Disappointment

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Not necessarily breaking news but still pretty cool.

Two brothers who have been Bengals fans and season ticket holders have not only decided to stop renewing their season tickets, they decided to send a bill to owner Mike Brown for the disappointment over the years and the reimbursement for money spent on past seasons.

The two re-tooled the invoice they received to renew their season tickets and sent it back to the Bengals.

It read:

Payment IN-FULL of your reimbursement of two loyal fans that you have totally destroyed their passion for their favorite NFL team is past due. All payments are non-refundable, except in the event of Mike Brown selling controlling interest in the team (so payments are pretty much non-refundable).

The bill sent to Brown was for $17,347.98 and included reimbursement for past tickets bought and a new TV, presumably to watch the games from home.

Tickets — $8,900

Tailgating, parking and merchandise — $5,580

Gas money and hotel for travel — $460

Paper bags [to cover their heads], Pepto Bismol and Excedrin — $9.98

HD TV — $2,398

The two brothers aren't asking for all the money right away; they've set up a payment plan and are asking for $272 right away. According to, the two brothers are also expecting some sort of response from Mike Brown as well.