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2011 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft - The New York Giants Select...

For the nineteenth pick in the second-annual Cincy Jungle Mock Draft, TheDealio selected for the New York Giants, who have the standard three picks available. Here is the pick...

With the nineteenth pick in the 2011 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft, the New York Giants select...

Akeem Ayers, OLB, ULCA

Drafting Akeem Ayers was not an easy Decision. Coming into the combine, Ayers was thought to be a possible top 15 pick. However Ayers was supremely disappointing at the combine with a "as fast as my grandma in a wheelchair on a gradual slope" 4.8 40yrd dash. While OLB is certainly the Giants most pressing need, The NYG certainly had other needs they could fill. They need help along the offensive line at various positions, they also in theory could have drafted a RB in case Brandon Jacobs and his partner in mediocrity Amhad Bradshaw take off via free agency.

So why did I take Ayers for the Giants? First of all, I posted a poll on Big Blue View and Ayers was voted #1... after guys like Pouncey, T. Smith, & Castanzo, but over guys like Martez Wilson. Which brings me to my second point, namely that Carsonorbust started an earlier than expected run on the lineman by selecting Tyron Smith for the Vikings. Next thing I know, everyone I was targeting came off the board before my pick. Seriously people? The top RB Ingram was off the board, all the lineman I wanted were gone, and even DL tweeners that were given support on BBV like Cameron Jordan and JJ Watt came off.

So I was left with a choice. Take the 3rd or 4th best offensive lineman (Nate Solder) or grab the best available prospect at LB. I chose 3-4 OLB prospects so it came down to two guys: Akeem Ayers and Martez Willson. Martez Wilson recently came into the first round picture by showing he is the far superior athlete to Ayers. Wilson ran around a 4.55 at the combine and posted better numbers across the board. Still, Ayers is thought to be the most technically sound of all the 4-3 OLB prospects in this draft and the film doesn't lie. Also, Wilson is projected as a MLB... and all I could think of was Rey Rey looking out of place at OLB.

In an ideal world, I think I would move down or up a couple of slots if this scenario unfolds on draft day. Still, with these parameters in place: The Giants pick up Akeem Ayers from ULCA at #19.

Akeem Ayers Highlights:

Draft Overview:

# Team Picked By Name/Positon of Pick
1 Carolina James Shively Nick Fairley / DT
2 Denver sexsalad Patrick Peterson / CB
3 Buffalo Elguapo09 Von Miller / OLB
4 Cincinnati Jason Garrison +2 A.J. Green / WR
5 Arizona Broski Da'Quan Bowers / DE
6 Cleveland Joe Goodberry Marcell Dareus / DL
7 San Francisco Heybrown Prince Amukamara / CB
8 Tennessee Oxalis Cam Newton / QB
9 Dallas Jim0ijk Robert Quinn / DE
10 Washington Pardon_My_French Blaine Gabbert / QB
11 Houston Joe27 Julio Jones / WR
12 Minnesota CarsonOrBust Tyron Smith / OL
13 Detroit The_Black_Stripes Cameron Jordan / DL
14 St. Louis Jaegner Aldon Smith / DE
15 Miami JaredM Mark Ingram / RB
16 Jacksonville Whodatchemsit JJ Watt / DE
17 New England (from Oakland / Seymour) UpStateMike Anthony Castonzo / OT
18 San Diego Quickslant Mike Pouncey / OG
19 New York Giants TheDealio Akeem Ayers / OLB
20 Tampa Bay Doc Scratch
21 Kansas City Indesignkat
22 Indianapolis Ddbumpus
23 Philadelphia Buckeyenut12
24 New Orleans FriarBob
25 Seattle IgnatiusJReilly
26 Baltimore FriarBob
27 Atlanta TruWhoDey
28 New England UpStateMike
29 Chicago Bsmith4256
30 New York Jets Polo_614
31 Pittsburgh Jason Garrison
32 Green Bay Sean Weaver
33 New England (from Carolina / Armanti Edwards) UpStateMike
34 Buffalo Elguapo09
35 Cincinnati Jason Garrison +2
36 Denver sexsalad
37 Cleveland Jason Garrison
38 Arizona Broski
39 Tennessee Oxalis
40 Dallas Jim0ijk
41 Washington Pardon_My_French
42 Houston Joe27
43 Minnesota CarsonOrBust
44 Detroit The_Black_Stripes
45 San Francisco Heybrown
46 Denver (from Miami / Brandon Marshall) sexsalad
47 St. Louis Jaegner
48 Oakland NoodleXV
49 Jacksonville Whodatchemsit
50 San Diego Quickslant
51 Tampa Bay Doc Scratch
52 New York Giants TheDealio
53 Indianapolis Ddbumpus
54 Philadelphia Buckeyenut12
55 Kansas City Indesignkat
56 New Orleans FriarBob
57 Seattle IgnatiusJReilly
58 Baltimore Joe Goodberry
59 Atlanta TruWhoDey
60 New England UpStateMike
61 San Diego (from NYJets / Antonio Cromartie) Quickslant
62 Chicago Bsmith4256
63 Pittsburgh FriarBob
64 Green Bay Sean Weaver
65 Carolina James Shively
66 Cincinnati Jason Garrison +2
67 Denver sexsalad
68 Buffalo Elguapo09
69 Arizona Broski
70 Cleveland FriarBob
71 Dallas Jim0ijk
72 New Orleans (from Washington / Jammal Brown) FriarBob
73 Houston Joe27
74 New England (from Minnesota / Randy Moss) UpStateMike
75 Detroit The_Black_Stripes
76 San Francisco Heybrown
77 Tennessee Oxalis
78 St. Louis Jaegner
79 Miami JaredM
80 Jacksonville Whodatchemsit
81 Oakland NoodleXV
82 San Diego Quickslant
83 New York Giants TheDealio
84 Tampa Bay Doc Scratch
85 Philadelphia Buckeyenut12
86 Kansas City Indesignkat
87 Indianapolis Ddbumpus
88 New Orleans FriarBob
89 San Diego (from Seattle / Charlie Whitehurst) Quickslant
90 Baltimore Jason Garrison
91 Atlanta TruWhoDey
92 New England UpStateMike
93 Chicago Bsmith4256
94 New York Jets Polo_614
95 Pittsburgh Joe Goodberry
96 Green Bay Sean Weaver
97 (possible compensatory)

98 (possible compensatory)

99 (possible compensatory)

100 (possible compensatory)