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Carson Coffman Has A Good Workout During Kansas State's Pro Day

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Kansas State quarterback Carson Coffman, nearly 6-3 and 215 pounds, worked out in front of 15 NFL teams on Monday during Kansas State's Pro Day. NFL Network's Gil Brandt writes that Coffman's work out was scripted, performing well enough to give him a chance to possibly sign on with a team as an undrafted free agent -- after the NFL Draft and after the NFL and the player's union comes to an agreement. Carson is the younger brother of Bengals tight end Chase Coffman. And based on history, the Bengals could be a destination.

It's not that we think the Bengals would sign Carson Coffman to add to another stressful position competition -- in this case, the fight for the third-string quarterback position on the roster. But knowing how the Bengals united the Palmer brothers, would it really surprise you? But we could see the draft panning out like this. Team drafts who they believe will be the franchise quarterback. Team signs a veteran free agent to start the season. Franchise quarterback will back up the veteran while the third-string quarterback will be a competition between Dan LeFevour and a late round draft pick or an undrafted free agent signing. We don't see Jordan Palmer returning and if he does, he'll compete for the third-string position on the roster as well.

Carson Coffman started his junior year in 2009 with Kansas State, but was benched for quarterback Grant Gregory. After that season, Gregory left and Coffman resumed as the Wildcats starting quarterback.

Stats Overview Passing
2007 3 5 22 60.0 4.40 12 0 0 0 96.96
2008 25 41 282 61.0 6.88 51 1 2 0 117.04
2009 71 117 863 60.7 7.38 64 2 4 10 121.45
2010 171 263 2060 65.0 7.83 73 14 7 24 143.06

And we have to wonder how a father with such a standard name like Paul names his sons Carson and Chase. And can you imagine if we had Carson Coffman, Carson Palmer, Jordan Palmer and Chase Coffman are all on the roster? Talk about avoiding confusion. We'd have our hands full. Well, Palmer... which one? Well, Carson... which one? Well, Coffman... which one. But thank god today is green beer day.