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Quarterback Wonderlic Scores Released: Updating The 26-27-60 Formula

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If you recall nearly two months ago, we posted an interesting rule on drafting quarterbacks called the 26-27-60 formula. The associated numbers are as follows: score 26 or better in the Wonderlic, start 27 games or more in a career with at least 60 percent of all passes completed. Active examples of this rule working out includes quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers, Drew Brees, Matt Schaub, Matt Ryan among others.

During that posting, we were only able to use two parts of the formula to see which quarterbacks passed. Florida State's Christian Ponder, Alabama's Greg McElroy, TCU's Andy Dalton and Missouri's Blaine Gabbert had more than 27 starts and a completion percentage better than 60%.

Now we have the Wonderlic scores.

On Thursday, ESPN Insider Chris Mortensen released wonderlic scores for the quarterback prospects, save for Nevada's Colin Kaepernick, who failed the formula anyway with a completion percentage below 60%.

QBs prepped more in this era. McElroy 43, Gabbert 42, Ponder 35, Stanzi 30, Dalton 29, Mallett 26, Newton 21, Locker 20. What does it mean?less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Name School Pass/Fail Wonderlic Starts Completion Percentage
Christian Ponder FSU Pass 35 35 61.8%
Greg McElroy Alabama Pass 43 27 66.3%
Andy Dalton TCU Pass 29 50 61.7%
Blaine Gabbert Missouri Pass 42 29 60.9%
Jake Locker Washington Fail 20 39 53.9%
Colin Kaepernick Nevada Fail - 49 58.2%
Ricky Stanzi Iowa Fail 30 32 59.8%
Cam Newton Auburn Fail 21 14 66.1%
Ryan Mallett Arkansas Fail 26 29 57.8%

Ponder, McElroy, Dalton and Gabbert still pass.

Update: According to Aaron Wilson, Nevada's quarterback Colin Kaepernick scored a 37 on his Wonderlic.