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Bengals Reduced Assistant Coaching Salaries By 30%

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Last weekend, Bengals President Mike Brown promised that the organization not lay anyone off or force employees to take furloughs. With the NFL now in lockout mode, it seems inevitable that teams will find ways to reduce costs. I know, it sounds ridiculous because owners appear wealthy enough to support a little dent in their revenues for employees that are perhaps unable to set a little money aside to comfortably deal with being laid off for the time being. Then again, is anyone right now?

However, that doesn't mean salaries can't be reduced. According to Joe Reedy, the Cincinnati Bengals slashed coaching assistant salaries by 30%, following the example of other teams.

They are one of a dozen teams who have cut assistants salaries by more than 25 percent. Five teams have cut assistant’s salaries by half.

As Reedy points out, the team hasn't "opted out of the league’s pension plan for assistants like 13 other teams have done." However, the coaches will be able to "recoup" the money they lost during the lockout. So maybe Mike Brown isn't that evil.