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Question Of The Day: Trade The Fourth Overall Pick?

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Mothership captain makes the case that the team should make the only trade that they're allowed to make. Trade the fourth overall selection for a pick later in the first round and pick up another pick (or two) later in the draft. Geoff Hobson writes:

Trade the pick.

But the reason(s) to do it is to get the extra pick or picks. This draft is supposed to be stocked in rounds three through five, great places to get a safety, guard, running back, or blocking tight end.

We couldn't agree more.

Free agency being stalled prevents teams from filling gaps, using the draft to fill holes that need to be filled. on the roster. And by our count, the team could draft upwards to ten players just to fill holes in the roster that free agency normally would have filled. Safeties, quarterbacks, running backs, linebacker, cornerback, wide receivers, defensive linemen. All of these positions are positions of need, not luxury; especially when you add up the players that could leave for free agency. But to fill those holes, the team needs more than seven selections.

Once a new collective bargaining agreement is struck, teams can dig into free agency to fill the roster with position battles, plugging gaps left open by the NFL Draft and departed players.

The question of the day: Would you rather trade the fourth overall selection to pick up more draft picks or would you like to use that fourth overall pick?