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Just One Of The Family: Nick Lachey Rips Bengals President Mike Brown

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When celebrities (and sports figures) speak out on issues, there's a general rolling of the eyes (or eye for one-eyed pirates) from most people because of the general perception that a celebrity really doesn't know what they're talking about. Additionally, their status allows their points of view a platform that eventually picks up support. But generally, many sound down right foolish. Yet, when Nick Lachey talks about the Bengals, celebrity-status goes out the window and he becomes another member of the family, cheering for a team that constantly disappoints. And when he reflects on his opinion, like all of us, he holds nothing back.

When asked how hard it is to be a Bengals fan, Lachey immediately attacked ownership saying, "I think Mike Brown would love nothing more than if this labor situation ended the season because then he wouldn't have to pay any players, he can run scabs out there and make guaranteed money. For him, no season is a best-case scenario."

See what I mean, one of the family.

When asked about Carson Palmer wanting out, Lachey said he felt bad for Palmer because of all the losing. At the same time, he doesn't excuse Palmer either.

I guess the one gripe I have with Carson is that he's never been the guy. He's never been the rah-rah guy in the huddle to grab someone's facemask and tell them to get their act together. He's always been the quiet type. You never got the feeling he was in control of that team. For him to all of a sudden to now have a voice and speak up is frustrating, not only to myself but to a lot of fans because you wish you would've seen that five years ago when players were acting out.

On Chad Ochocinco:

You have players who seemingly care more about their Twitter accounts and generating publicity about themselves than they do about winning. And again, you have to defend Chad on a certain level because it must be tough to come in here year in and year out, and get ready to play for a team that's not gonna go anywhere. But I also think Chad dropped a lot of balls. There were a lot frustrating moments over the past few years where you're thinking, "If you spent half as much energy working on running around the cornerback as you did self promoting, it would be a different situation."

Lachey's conclusion:

I just think the Bengals need a clean sweep from owner down to players.