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Note To ESPN's James Walker: Bengals Are Not Moving Andre Smith To Guard

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ESPN's AFC North blogger James Walker noticed that the Bengals roster on the team's website has Andre Smith listed as a tackle/guard, prompting Walker to wonder if the team is going to move Smith from tackle to guard. The truth is, Smith's position on the roster has been listed as such dating back several months, if not since the beginning of the 2010 season.

Additionally, the Cincinnati Bengals have already claimed that Smith won't be moving inside to the guard spot. Bengals offensive line coach Paul Alexander said in late February that the team isn't looking at moving Smith to guard "because we've got a bigger need at tackle." Other reasons the move wouldn't happen is that the lockout is preventing the team from working with Smith about a possible move and he's still rehabilitating his injured foot.

But there's no doubt the team needs guards.

Thankfully, they've been active with guard prospects heading into this year's NFL Draft. They've held a private workout with Baylor guard Danny Watkins, expressed interest in Illinois guard Randall Hunt and were on hand for the Pro Days of Auburn's Mike Berry and tOSU guards Justin Boren and Bryant Bowling. And that doesn't include offensive tackles they've studied at respective Pro Days with a drooling love for versatility -- ala, Andrew Whitworth.