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Cincy Jungle: Favorite Football Movie Tournament Quarterfinals

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The Program defeated Jerry Maguire in the match-up between the two movies that you brought back from their the dead, Jerry Maguire from the first round, and thankfully The Program from the second. That means that The Program has a spot in the semi-finals.

Here is the bracket that Josh created for your viewing pleasure because he loves you.

Tonight we begin moving through the quarterfinals to find who else will fill out our final four. Tonight we take a look at the match-up between No. 1 The Blind Side and No. 20 The Waterboy.

Here's a look at how both of these teams got to the quarterfinals:

The Blind Side, being the No. 1 overall seed, coasted through two match-ups between No. 24 Air Bud: Golden Receiver and No. 13 Gridiron Gang, neither of them were close enough to make the true story about Michael Oher sweat. That may end tonight.

The Waterboy immediatedly upset Jerry Maguire and and then defeated another team who pulled off an upset in the first round, Varsity Blues. Considering that The Waterboy is played once a month, it seams, on TBS or TNT, and I watch it in its entirity, Adam Sandler may give Sandra Bullock a run for her money.

So, who's going to the final four? Keep in mind, there are no more second chances, whoever wins moves on and whoever loses goes away for good.