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Goodell Email to Players Experiencing Backlash

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In a battle royale - the likes of which have not been seen since the Sharks battled the Jets for supremacy of the street - relations between the NFL and the players' non-union-union (I believe 'trade association' is the operative term) continue to grow uglier.  An email sent by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to the players, detailing the owners' latest proposal, is garnering backlash from the players for trying to sidestep the the their leadership according to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio.

The email is drawing a wide range of criticism from players and the media.  Peter King of Sports Illustrated said in an interview,

It (Goodell's email) probably had the opposite effect of what he intended.  I think it made those who have felt strongly about this, given them one more adamant way to be angry with the NFL.  And that adamant way basically is, he tried to pull an end around.  Because they knew the information, they knew all about what the offer was that the NFL gave, and they didn't need Roger Goodell's help in telling the players about it.

Alex Marvez of Fox Sports gauges the reaction of some of the players, including that of Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Anthony Gonzales, who pulled an all-nighter writing up a response email for the players.

"Looking at what Commissioner Goodell sent out, it would be pretty easy for guys to say, ‘You know what? This actually looks pretty decent,’” Gonzalez told Marvez.  “But we know as advocates for our players that we need to go point-by-point on this letter and show them how deceptive this really is.  Deceptive isn't the word.  To say there are half-truths in that letter is ambitious. They're like quarter-to-less truths. We're trying to fill in the gaps."

The tensions between the players and the owners appear to be at an all-time high and with no end in sight for these labor battles, expect to see sniping like this going at least until something is decided in court.  Until then, all we can do is see how this rumble plays itself out.