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Jordan Palmer Rounding Up Receivers For Offseason Work When Owners Lockout Players

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With Carson Palmer demanding a trade with the temperament of a child saying, "I'll never, ever, ever, ever, ever eat my brussel sprouts", we wondered if quarterback Dan LeFevour wouldn't be in a position to take on a leadership role, gathering the wide receivers to play toss and work on a condensed version of Jay Gruden's playbook with the upcoming owners lockout. Since the lockout will prevent the players from coming to the stadium or the team from conducting practices, players will have to take it upon themselves to workout together during the offseason -- notably quarterbacks throwing to receivers.

If not LeFevour, who has a chance to make a great impression in a quarterback void, then who?

According to Geoff Hobson:

It is Jordan Palmer, the Bengals backup quarterback, who is taking it upon himself to round up the receivers and get them to Arizona or southern California later this month and next month. That includes the running backs, too, because he's also been on the horn with Benson and Bernard Scott.

"I've talked to Jerome a few times and talking to Jerome is like talking to Bubba because they're joined at the hip," Palmer said Tuesday of Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell. "I've been in touch with (Jordan) Shipley and we’re going to get a hold of Jermaine (Gresham). No matter what happens with the lockout, we'll be throwing."