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Mortensen: Julio Jones to Have Screw Inserted in Foot

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ESPN's Chris Mortensen tweeted that Julio Jones will undergo surgery on his broken foot on Saturday.

Julio Jones will have screw inserted in foot Saturday in Charlotte by noted specialist Dr. Robert Anderson, agent Jimmy Sexton confirms.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

How will this effect his draft stock? Just this morning, I reported about a mock draft that had Julio Jones heading to Cincinnati, being selected fourth overall with the Bengals first-round pick, in the wake of his impressive combine performance in which he out 40-yard dashed fellow receiver A.J. Green.

If the Bengals are indeed considering taking a chance on a wide receiver (AKA hood ornament) in the first round of the draft, does this news make up their mind for them? Even though Jones is a little bigger and faster than Green is, this news makes him a little bit of a risky selection with the No. 4 pick. How do they know the foot will hold up? It isn't like wide receivers don't use their feet.

Could Jones' foot be a sign of durability issues? Could selecting Jones with their first-round pick, subsequently signing him to a long-term contract, be a risk? On one hand, his foot may hold up, but on the other, his foot may be a sign that he's not very durable and every off season he has to have a screw inserted somewhere in his body until one day, he's the terminator. I guess it would actually be kind of cool to have the terminator on a football team but if Sarah Connor and her punk kid can destroy one, I'm sure the Steelers could.

Mortesen wrote in an article that Jones' doctor expects him to be back on his feet withing a couple months.

Noted foot specialist Robert Anderson will perform the surgery in Charlotte, N.C. Sexton said Jones should be healed within "six to eight weeks."

"Julio had such an outstanding combine he doesn't have need to participate in Alabama's pro day next [Tuesday] and he should be healed by the draft," said Sexton. "Dr. Anderson is very confident this will not be anything that impedes Julio going forward."

This news may take Julio Jones' name down on the Bengals' big board and push A.J. Green's right back up close to the top, if the combine ever caused them to switch places to begin with. Again, all of this is assuming that the Bengals are planning on drafting a wide receiver with their first-round pick. Now that it's fairly clear that Carson Palmer is really, really, really done with Cincinnati, they may be just as likely to take Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert in the first round.

So what's the point in this article?

I don't know.