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Bengals in National Football Post's 20 Biggest Draft Busts

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The National Football Post's Joe Fortenbaugh recently wrote a fun article about his top-20 draft busts from 1998 to 2009. Of course there are some Bengals on the list. How could there possibly be a top draft bust list without a Bengals player? That would be crazy.

And look at that: right off the bat, the Bengals come in at No. 20 by drafting Florida State wide receiver Peter Warrick, with the No. 4 overall pick in the 2000 NFL Draft.

The first receiver off the board in 2000, Warrick looked destined for stardom after a rookie season that consisted of 51 receptions and four touchdowns in 16 starts. But the former Seminole wideout lasted only five more years, never topped 850 receiving yards in a season and scored just 18 touchdowns in 79 career games. Warrick’s career came to an end with the Seahawks in 2005, when he caught just 11 passes in 13 games.

As we move down the list we pass familiar players, like Ted Ginn Jr. (No. 19), Matt Leinart (No. 18), we eventually come to a current Bengal player, and even though the Bengals didn't draft him, he's worth mentioning.

He's Adam Jones, drafted with the sixth overall pick by the Tennessee Titans in 2005, and he comes in at No. 16 in the countdown.

Forget character concerns, this kid can play! In just two years with the Titans, Jones racked up more run-ins with the cops (8) than interceptions (4). Pacman is so out to lunch that the dude actually tried to fight a bodyguard that was assigned to KEEP HIM OUT OF TROUBLE.

We now continue down through the countdown. We pass up David Terrell (No. 15), Courtney Brown (No. 13) and Joey Harrington (No. 10) and go all the way down to fifth place where another Bengals player has found a home in the biggest draft bust list.

Coming in at No. 5, is quarterback Akili Smith, taken with the third overall pick out of Oregon in the 1999 draft.

Have you ever noticed how Joey Harrington takes a ton of flack for being a bust, but Akili Smith goes relatively unmentioned? I’m sure that’s not the case in Cincinnati, but this guy doesn’t get nearly the amount of flack he deserves for how little he accomplished during his NFL career.

Despite being the third overall selection in 1999, Smith’s NFL glory days consisted of only four seasons, 17 starts, five touchdown passes and a QB rating of 52.8.

And much like Curtis Enis, Smith was so bad he never caught on with another team.

That's as high as any Bengals player goes on the list. The countdown continues through guys like Ryan Leaf and Charles Rogers and eventually ends at JaMarcus Russell at No. 1.

The Bengals might barely crack into the top-five on the list at No. 5 but at least they're not No. 1, right? Of course, they do have former players and a current one on the list. Hopefully the Bengals don't add to the list in the 2011 draft.

What do you think about the NFP's top draft busts list?