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Bengals' Reggie Kelly and Andrew Whitworth on Carson Palmer

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The voice of the Mothership, Geoff Hobson, recently caught up with Bengals left tackle and captain Andrew Whitworth and veteran tight end Reggie Kelly and got their take on the most recent developments with their quarterback, Carson Palmer. Kelly, whom Palmer has frequently said is one of his favorite teammates throughout his career, is a free agent himself and hopes to be back in stripes along with his locker mate for the past six seasons.

"I've always said I want to retire as a Bengal," he said. "But if things move on, then I'll see if there's a fit with another team. But I'll never forget how good they've been to me here. They've treated me like a VIP.  I just have to wait and see what happens and you just hope they can get a deal soon."

Kelly recently wrote a book, Prepared, and signed Palmer's copy. He included Palmer in the book, mentioning that he looked to him as leader in the locker room.

"I wrote that a lot of guys look to me for leadership, but that I looked to him for leadership," Kelly said. "I watch him. I watch how much he sacrificed. Fans don't see what happens in the locker room and on the field. There were times he took the blame when it wasn't his fault. A lot of times. There would be a lot of guys that would have blamed someone else. But he never did. That's leadership. He's our quarterback. He's my quarterback. We don't want to lose him."

Kelly went on to say that he understands Palmer's frustrations but reminded everyone that when they spoke, they didn't talk much football because "life's bigger than that."

Whitworth also has opinions about Palmer's trade demand, especially about the recent news that Palmer said, through a confidant, that he would never step foot in Paul Brown Stadium Again.

"I have a hard time believing Carson Palmer said something like that," Whitworth said. "That's just not him. He's got so much humility and he's so mild-mannered. I don't see it. I know he's upset. He's frustrated. We'd love to have him back. But if he's not happy…this is a tough enough game as it is and if you're not happy where you are, it's all that much tougher to play. He's got to sit back and do what's best for him and his family."

Even though it's sounding more and more like Palmer won't be on the Bengals roster come opening day of the 2011 NFL season, if there is an opening day, we can't be completely sure. One day there are reports that the Bengals will listen to trade offers for Palmer and the next we'll here that Mike Brown is adamant on his stance that Palmer is going to be a Bengal in 2011 or he'll retire.

Who knows what's going to happen?