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Welcome to the Jungle Ryan Harper

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How do I go about greeting myself? That’s a good question with an endless amount of answers, but in all honesty I don’t know. I’ve never had to do this before, but I’ll give it a shot. It’s almost like meeting a celebrity or athlete for the first time, you know so much about them yet they know absolutely nothing about you. So with this welcoming of me, I’m going to crack the door open a bit and let you into a portion of my life.

When I started following Cincy Jungle I would have never fathomed that I would someday become part of the Cincy Jungle team as a writer. To get things started I would like to express my appreciation to Jason Garrison and Josh Kirkendall for giving me this opportunity.  It truly is an honor to become part of the Cincy Jungle squad and getting to cover the only football team that I’ve known, loved, obsessed over, and display a split personality about for the pass 13 years. That’s right, a split personality, I said it, but don’t worry I don’t have one as far as I’m told.


Alright back to me for a bit. I’m from Cincinnati and have lived here all of my life. I went to high school here and currently attend the University of Cincinnati where I’m majoring in journalism. If everything goes as planned, after I graduate I’m going to law school and then I'll see where life takes me from there.

Now to the sports side of me. I love sports and follow them as if it’s my mission. I’m obsessed with two sports and have a third one that’s creeping into the picture. I constantly have some sort of sports site on my laptop, or I'm watching a game, playing a game, or talking about sports. On top of my obsession with football and the Bengals, I’m obsessed with baseball, more specifically the Chicago Cubs. If you have a joke you’d like to make then save it. I’ve heard them all. Other than the Bengals and Cubs, hockey has begun to creep into the picture thanks to the Flyers.

Even though I’ve lived in Cincinnati my entire life, I’ve only been able to attend one Bengals game. That game was against the Buffalo Bills in Paul Brown Stadium. Unfortunately the end results weren’t what I hoped for, but that happens when you’re a Bengals fan. I was sporting my Justin Smith jersey cheering and dancing like a fool with my friend and his father even as the Bengals were showcasing a poor performance. Honestly I was a bit disappointed, but I was ecstatic just to be there. I eat, sleep, and breathe sports. Okay not exactly, but my family and girlfriend assess it differently than I do. They say obsessed. I say healthy habit. Obviously we’re on different ends of the spectrum when judging my sports addiction, I mean…..habit.

Being a Bengals fan means a lot to me and I’ll stand my ground about them no matter how much bashing and criticism I receive. By being a fan of the orange and black, one has to prepare themselves for a roller coaster ride. There’s always going to be endless ups and downs, corkscrews, and loops that have to be endured and after every season you might decide that’s the final straw, but you’ll be back next season for more. I know I always am, and I can’t imagine it any other way.

Cincinnati Bengals forever! Who Dey!