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Cincy Jungle: Favorite Football Movie Tournament Quarterfinals Continue

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Remember The Titans
Remember The Titans

Some how, The Waterboy defeated the No. 1 seeded The Blind Side by a score of 184 votes to 111. Since there are no more chances to be brought back from elimination, The Blind Side is officially out of the tournament. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Tonight, we continue through the quarterfinals and the next match-up is between No. 16 The Replacements and No. 3 Remember The Titans. The winner of this match-up will go to the final four and face off against The Waterboy.

The Replacements got to this point by constantly upsetting teams including highly ranked Rudy. Remember The Titans got to this point by just obliterating every movie that was in its path. Which team will get permanently eliminated and which team will continue on to face The Waterboy in the movie tournament's final four? Vote to find out.

Tomorrow's match-up will be between Friday Night Lights and Any Given Sunday. The winner of that match up will go up against The Program in the final four.