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Geno Atkins Reflects On Players Being Locked Out

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With the players dissolving the union through decertification and the league locking out the players, forcing western-style showdowns with a bunch of legal terms we never knew existed, some players are simply forced to sit back and deal with it. And for all of the Millionaire vs. Billionaire responses from observers, like fans and the media, the truth is that there are many players in the NFL are not millionaires. Like Bengals defensive tackle Geno Atkins.

The Bengals second-year defensive tackle reflects on the lockout.

Imagine going to your job tomorrow and finding the doors locked. You receive notice in the mail that your health Insurance is canceled, you are not to enter the facilities not even to pick up personal belongings. Welcome to my world, I guess this is the part of professional Sports that no one likes. It’s our reality thought and we have to deal with it, in order to protect ourselves, past player and the future for those that will come behind us.

So in the meantime, what does Atkins do to kill time and prepare for an eventual labor resolution? Does Geno extend his Xbox Live Gold subscription and deal mad death to Chad Ochocinco in Black Ops? No (but he should to humble the receiver a little). Does Geno stack defensive measures around the city while the country is invaded by Jersey Shore?

Jeff Reed and Steeler fans love to tell you how many championships they've won

No. None of that. Geno Atkins just trains as if he's a rookie fighting for another spot on the roster. I like it. It's simple.