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Bengals Attend Lehigh Pro Day To Scout Offensive Tackle Will Rackley

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The Cincinnati Bengals were one several teams scouting Will Rackley during Lehigh's first ever NFL Pro Day on Thursday; other representatives includes the New York Jets, New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings (who seem to be scouting every player we're scouting). According to ESPN's DraftTracker, Rackley ranks as the fifth best offensive tackle prospect, scoring above average in categories such as pass protection AND run blocking. Toughness and production also scored above average with awareness and size being average -- he's 6'5", 303 pounds.

"I have high expectations for myself," Rackley said. "I knew that I could improve in every area and I showed that today. I have a handful of private workouts coming up with some teams, and I expect to improve my performance in those workouts."

The Cincinnati Bengals are looking at offensive tackles this year. This isn't Insider information -- it's the point in a cookie cutter Hollywood action flick where you're prediction accuracy reaches 95% in final hour of the movie (think Steven Seagal, eskimos and birthday cakes... definitely the birthday cakes).

On the surface from an outside observer, the Bengals appear set at tackle. Cincinnati has one of the league's best left tackles in Andrew Whitworth. Andre Smith is a former first round pick and Dennis Roland is a distant cousin of Rubeus Hagrid. Alright, so the "outside observer" is either from a parallel dimension with bald hair, pasty skin, a black suit and hat that has no idea what's going on with the team... or James Walker.

The problem is that Smith and Roland are routinely graded as the worst offensive linemen on the team by Pro Football Focus and behind those two are journeyman Kirk Chambers (three teams in six seasons with 14 NFL starts) and Andrew Gardner and Andrew Mitchell -- one NFL game played between them.

There's Anthony Collins, who we believe should be named the starting right tackle immediately. But we're convinced that the Bengals want nothing to do with him, considering they've made every effort to replace him with Andre Smith and Hagrid Dennis Roland, two of the team's worst offensive linemen.

Recently the Bengals attended Mississippi State's Pro Day to scout offensive tackle Derek Sherrod, who is listed as the sixth-best offensive tackle prospect by ESPN's Draft Tracker.

Along with Rackley, defensive backs Jarard Cribbs and John Kennedy worked out in front of scouts.