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Source: Eagles Willing to Take a 2012 Draft Pick for Kolb?

We've all but ruled out any thoughts that Mike Brown would trade the Bengals' first-round draft pick for a new quarterback like Eagles back up Kevin Kolb. I mean, it would be completely insane to trade away a draft pick in order to get a new quarterback who's probably better than all young quarterbacks coming into the draft this year, especially when your quarterback hates your team so much he'd rather retire young than continue to play. Yes, that would be crazy.

How would Brown feel about keeping his 2011 first-round pick and still be able to acquire Kolb, though? Well, according to a report by ESPN's Sal Paolantonio, the Eagles may be interested in taking a 2012 pick for Kolb.

"Even if he can't trade Kevin Kolb until after the draft ... [Andy Reid] would be interested in a pick in 2012," said Paolantonio. "He would definitely consider that."

Of course, a few things would need to happen before this could take place. One, there would need to be a new CBA in place. Two, the Bengals would need to hope that a team doesn't throw a 2011 pick in there because the Eagles would definitely go for that over a 2012 pick. And three, Mike Brown would need to see the light.

I'll be the first to admit that the chances of all those things happening to bring Kolb to Cincinnati are about as good as my chances of marrying Jessica Biel, but that doesn't mean it's impossible right? (come on, Jessica!)

However, if it does happen, not only do I get to exchange vows with Jess (I'll call her Jess), the Bengals could possibly take the field with A.J. Green (or a top defensive player) and Kolb to replace Carson Palmer. Can you say turn that frown upside down?

It makes sense to me. Hopefully it makes sense to the Bengals as well.