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Bengals Mike Brown Defends Former Offensive Coordinator Bob Bratkowski

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The Bengals fired Bob Bratkowski on January 31 after the team's offense ranked 20th or worse for the third consecutive season. Several days later the team hired AFL superstar Jay Gruden to head up the team's offense in a move some thought questionable because Gruden hasn't held a position in the NFL beyond his work with his older brother Jon in Tampa Bay.

And nearly three months later, Bengals president Mike Brown is defending Bob Bratkowski.

During a break in New Orleans, Brown was asked how tough it was to let Bob Bratkowski go.

Bob Bratkowski is a fine coach. I consider him a personal friend and he seemed to be the guy who gets all the blame. Things that are said about us and him are just off base. People will say 'Oh, I can sit in the stands and call the plays.' No you can’t. I can’t call the plays.

It gets more awesome. Brown went on to defend Bratkowski's predictability against critics, saying:

...we throw the ball 60 percent of the time and in certain situations that’s a pretty good guess. What kind of pass, that’s what they can’t call. When you run the ball, you hand it to Benson and they say I knew they were going to do that. There’s only one back in the backfield and we run it the other 40 percent of the time and in certain situations that’s a pretty good guess. It’s pretty certain that the only back back there is going to get the ball. But how is the blocking scheme set up and all that? They don’t know that.

Yes. Failure always has an excuse. Eventually Brown admitted that fans were simply frustrated and the only option Brown has left is remake the organization into a winner and apparently he figured that included axing Bratkowski. Actually, that's not the only option. Is it, Katie?

Bratkowski was eventually hired on by the Atlanta Falcons as the team's quarterbacks coach.