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Marvin Lewis and Chad Ochocinco at it Again

You may remember when Bengals coach Marvin Lewis and wide receiver Chad Ochocinco were battling back and forth, Lewis using the press and Ochocinco responding via Twitter, earlier in the offseason, when Ochocinco actually challenged his no-nonsense coach to a cage match.

Things between the two have calmed down since then, but, like some very specific diseases, they have flared up again.

It all started when Chad Ochocinco decided he wanted to try his hand at professional soccer. He was granted a four-day tryout with an MLS team and talked about how it was his childhood dream (maybe that explains why his production on a football field has declined so much).

Everything seemed to be operations as usual, at least as usual as they can be with Ochocinco, until Lewis was asked about the wide receiver's MLS tryout on Tuesday. He responded by saying:

"What has he ever done that he's completed? What circle has he ever connected?"

This comment must have deeply offended Ochocinco, who responded to the somewhat harsh words with his Twitter account, of course.!/ochocinco/statuses/50267063066951680


Awesome, right? Well hopefully, my brain won't be completely melted in the next couple days so I can bring you guys the news that Ochocinco now wants to challenge his coach to a pistol duel on the field of glory at dawn. I love me some offseason drama!