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A Question of Value

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Oh hai. Been a while. Just wanted to stop in and suggest that the boss may be overlooking some good news here:

During the league meetings in New Orleans, the Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy truly became the extension of the fans. Asked why the Bengals wouldn't trade "an angry Carson Palmer and get value" for him, Mike Brown said, "I don't see any opportunity to get what I consider to be value."

My quest to be credentialed by this team is coming to an end. This man actually has a functioning part of the brain that spewed those exact words. Not unlike the area of the brain that thought swimming through a tank full of sharks with lasers would be "kinda cool, bro" as teenagers.

Let me suggest a slight rewording of the offending Mike Brown statement:

"I would trade Carson Palmer if I could get what I consider to be value."

Despite Brown’s constant "no way, no how, no sirree" on the subject of dealing our disgruntled starting QB, I have always thought that he would pull the trigger if the price is right. After all, Chad Ochocinco wasn’t for sale in ’08 either, but that didn’t stop Mike from listening when Dan Snyder called. And that seems to be what he confirmed today.

So the question becomes, what’s Mike’s definition of "value" for naughty No. 9? Well, again I look back to Chad and 2008 when the Bengals rejected an offer including a first-round pick that year and a conditional third in 2009 that could escalate to a first if Chad hit certain performance levels (which were subsequently said to have been very doable). So the next best thing to two first-round picks couldn’t pry a then 30-year-old wideout away from Brown.

How about a 31-year-old QB? I’m betting that "value" for Carson would be substantially north of what was offered for Chad. A couple first rounders, a veteran QB, maybe another pick or two…in short, probably far more than any team would be willing to pay.

Such a high price isn’t, however, inconceivable (and I think I should get some kudos for skipping the obvious "Princess Bride" link there). The Miami Dolphins’ crush on Palmer reported yesterday is to me just the latest indication that (to pick on Josh again) the idea Carson is "at best, nothing more than a middle-of-the-road quarterback now" is way off-base. There appears to be a substantial market for Carson’s services, and were it not for the labor dispute freezing all player movement, we could have quite the bidding war, and in that case who knows what the final offer would be?

But, of course, we do have a labor dispute, and unfortunately that means the Bengals’ chances of capitalizing on this opportunity this year are getting slimmer every day. My prediction? Carson will be dealt – but not until 2012. And even then, what he’ll bring will surprise some people.