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Roger Goodell: NFL Will Not Use Replacement Players

The Replacements
The Replacements

Hey, our movie tournament becomes relevant outside of Cincy Jungle and our awesome bracket.... kinda. While some Cincy Jungle voters may allow The Replacements to knock Remember The Titans out of our tournament (seriously, how does that happen?), NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell isn't going to let replacements take real NFL players' places if the lockout cuts into the regular season like they did when the players went on strike in 1987.

During the NFL's annual meeting on Monday, Goodell fielded questions about the lockout. While many of his replies weren't definite answers, the answer to the question of whether or not the NFL would use replacement players seemed to be a definite no.

"We have not had any discussions or consideration of replacement players," Goodell said at the NFL's annual meeting in New Orleans.

"That hasn't been discussed, hasn't been considered. It's not in our plans."

He also reiterated that he doesn't feel the NFL would need replacement players because he's planning (hoping) the NFL plays a full season in 2011.

But Goodell insisted that the league has every expectation that the 2011 season will not be interrupted.

"We are certainly planning on having a full season," he said. "We're going to work as hard as we can to make that a reality."

So, even if the lockout cuts into the 2011 regular season, it seems that we won't be seeing Keanu Reeves lead a rag-tag group of replacement players against the rest of the league by throwing up in the huddle, getting into bar fights with the real football players and singing "I Will Survive" in prison.

Seriously? The Replacements over Remember The Titans.... really?