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Bengals Could Not Watch A.J. Green During Georgia Pro Day

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The NFL lockout has long reaching ramifications, even for football players that aren't in the NFL yet. Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green worked out during his pro day on Tuesday, but there weren't any NFL coaches or scouts on the field with him. Instead they were locked up in the school's athletic complex, watching the workout on televisions.

As a result, NFL personnel couldn't technically watch the workout in person. Dozens of scouts and other personnel, including Carolina Panthers general manager Marty Hurney, agreed with the alternative plan after other options were weighed, including having an NFL scout or coach throw passes.

Green's quarterback coach, George Whitfield, orchestrated a 72-route workout in which Green was thrown to 28 times. Green also decided to not run the 40-yard dash, sticking with his 4.50 second time from the NFL Combine.

Of his workout without any NFL coaches or scouts in attendance, and of catching passes from his quarterback's coach, Green said:

That’s the only quarterback I had timing with here," said Green, who had caught passes from Roper about five times before Tuesday. "So we — my agent and I — thought he was the best guy for the job. They can watch this film on TV, so it doesn’t really matter."

A source "with knowledge of the situation" also confirmed that, after the workout, Green went to dinner with some members of the Bengals.