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Help Us in the SB Nation Mock Draft

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We're stuck. SB Nation began the first round of the mock draft that includes all the different NFL blogs and the Bengals are on the clock. Here are the choices that we have to choose from: Cam Newton, Marcell Dareus, Da'Quan Bowers, A.J. Green, Nick Fairley, Julio Jones, Prince Amukamara and Robert Quinn.

Each player could help the Bengals in their own way, whether it be on the offensive side of the ball, where I think the Bengals should use their No. 4 pick, or the defensive side, where Josh wants the Bengals to look for their first-round pick.

Needless to say, we're stuck, and that's where you come in. Who do you think we should select in SB Nation's annual mock draft for the Bengals with the No. 4 overall pick?