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Cincy Jungle: Favorite Football Movie Tournament - The Semi-Finals Begin

The Program
The Program

So, we've come all the way from 24 teams down to four. Those four teams are: The Waterboy, defeating The Blind Side in the last round, The Replacements, defeating Remember The Titans int he last round, Any Given Sunday, which defeated Friday Night Lights in the last round, and The Program, which defeated Jerry Maguire in the the match-up between the redeemed.

Here's your first sem-final match-up, No. 14 Any Given Sunday VS No. 18 The Program. Here's how each movie got to this point.

The Program narrowly defeated We Are Marshall in the first round but was eliminated by Friday Night Lights in the second. Luckily, it was brought back when you voted to redeem one of the eliminated movies from the second round. Then, in the quarterfinals, The Program defeated Jerry Maguire, the movie you brought back from the first round.

Any Given Sunday knocked off Radio in the first round and then defeated No. 2 Brian's Song in the second round. Then in the third round, Any Given Sunday defeated Friday Night Lights to advance to the final four.

Can The Program advance beyond Any Given Sunday to make it to the finals or will Any Given Sunday defeat The Program like they did Friday Night Lights? Vote to find out.