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Roger Goodell: Draft Picks Can't Be Given Playbooks

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Even if the Bengals draft a godly wide receiver that saves kittens from burning church fires and a franchise quarterback that some confused as Metro Man in an NFL draft that no draft expert wants to claim has a franchise quarterback, rookies are not allowed to be given a team's playbook after they're been drafted during the NFL lockout.

"They are not allowed any contact, including sending them information," (NFL Commissioner Roger) Goodell said today at the close of the NFL owners meetings. "As draft prospects, I believe they can have contact with them. Once they are drafted, they can no longer have contact with them."

And if the Bengals decide to draft A.J. Green, they'll obviously take note of his Wonderlic score, which is a test given to every player to evaluate their ability to learn and process information. Green scored a ten while another draft prospect that the Bengals could be interested, cornerback Patrick Peterson, scored a nine.

One evaluator told Pro Football Weekly:

"He will get it. You're going to have to take it slow with him and let him start at one position and let him learn on the run. He's not going to be able to handle learning all three positions. If you ask him to be an X, Y and Z, you're setting him up for failure."

Awesome. A one-dimensional wide receiver who hasn't impressed the team as a practice player and isn't a willing blocker. Where have we heard that before?