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Nate Livings Plays Financial Football With High Schoolers

Tendered a contract before the lockout, Bengals offensive guard Nate Livings was previously given a decent endorsement by offensive line coach Paul Alexander that he played well enough to keep his job as the team's starting left guard. As we pointed out in the same article, we wrote:

Pro Football Focus graded Livings with a score of -7.6, which is 13.8 points worse than Evan Mathis, who only played in 114 snaps -- which is somewhat confusing because Mathis had a base salary of $1.2 million compared to Livings' $470,000. Livings was also credited with the most quarterback pressures allowed in 2008 with 28.

That translates to a facepalm and a shot of tequila.

For his part, however, Livings is working in the community. On Wednesday, the offensive guard spent some time at Reading High School to play Financial Football. Sounds kind of funny during a lockout and all, doesn't it?

Financial football is an interactive game dealing with financial literacy questions. As one answers questions correctly, the team moves down the field, closer to their goal post. The questions get harder as the game goes on, and one will lose yards, or the ball if questions are answered incorrectly., a website that's run by Reading students to provide a "platform for financial literacy information useful to teachers and students", hosted the event.

It's unknown if the game fined Livings, even shocking developers of the game, for playing football during the league's lockout.