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AJ Green Diary - Rumors of Cincinnati and Cleveland

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The player that most mock drafts have going to the Cincinnati Bengals, is the wide receiver out of Georgia, A.J. Green. Apparently, Green is keeping some kind of diary (and just because he's keeping a diary doesn't mean that you can call him a little girl -- that's just tasteless) where he is recording of some of his inner musings and workout records. From one of those diary entries, which he wrote in his "Hello Kitty" notebook, it now it appears that A.J. Green might be thinking that he'll fall either in the lap of the Bengals, or the Browns.

I don't know where I'm going. You keep hearing about Cincinnati or Cleveland, but I'm trying to block all of that talk out because this draft stuff is crazy. You never know what is going to happen.

Green, who is being hyped in the media as some sort of love child offspring of Calvin Johnson, Randy Moss and Larry Fitzgerald, is, according to scouts, one of the best prospects to come out at the wide receiver position in recent years. And with the Bengals probably losing their two star receivers this off season (one who is on a mission to destroy one last team before he retires, and the other who mistook futbol practice for football practice) the move would certainly would make a lot of sense.  

The Bengals of course, will have to weigh whether or not they can afford to draft a WR.  For a team that is currently QB-less and one that has so many other pressing needs it might be prudent to look in another direction.