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Dates Announces For Bengals Workout And Visit With Auburn QB Cam Newton

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According to ESPN Insider Adam Schefter, the Cincinnati Bengals are one of nine teams scheduled to either hold a private workout or at least a visit with Auburn quarterback Cameron Newton. The Bengals, Schefter writers, are scheduled to visit with Newton next Sunday and then hold a private workout on April 4. The quarterback prospect that could be gone by the time Cincinnati picks, also has a private workout scheduled for the Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings. The Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, Tennessee Titans, Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos have scheduled visits with Newton.

Joe Reedy also writes that Newton will visit the kickass city of Cincinnati (he didn't write kickass) on April 12.

We've known for some time that the Bengals will hold a private workout with Newton, but we had no dates.

There's a general fear that Newton could become the next "Akili Smith" if he's drafted by the Bengals. Along with having no bridge quarterback to let Newton develop, the Bengals are coming off a 4-12 season. And you know a guy like Mike Brown will want to see Newton on the field as quickly as possible, especially if the team comes out of the gates with a slow start. Then there's Jay Gruden's offense, which will take time to implement, especially with the lockout preventing players from learning the new system; save for maybe a small study guide meant to teach the new terminology.