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Around the AFC North: Browns Fan Sues Team and NFL Over Lockout

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A Cleveland Browns fan, Ken Lanci, had decided to sue the franchise as well as the NFL for a violation of a personal seat license contract.

Lanci, a 60-year-old business man and self made millionaire, filed the lawsuit in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court.

"What tipped the scale for me is the labor issue between millionaires and billionaires and the fact they can't settle it when the country is in a recession," he said. "Worse yet, they have to rub this in our faces."

Lanci believes that the NFL and NFLPA should stop bickering back and forth about how to split the money and send some relief to the cities that have paid the NFL's way in the past.

"The owners and players can't decide what to do with an extra billion dollars between them," Lanci said. "I have the perfect solution. That one billion should go to all cities that gave them money to build football stadiums they couldn't afford to build. This would give these cities badly needed tax relief."

The NFL and the Browns have decided not to comment on the lawsuit at this time. However, Lanci has commented enough for all three parties, saying that he believes the NFL players and owners are being greedy and that neither side really knows what it means to be financially hurting.

"The players union says NFL owners are offering what will be the worst deal ever," Lanci said. "Really? How about being unemployed? Right now they get 59 percent of the take, and that's beyond comprehension.

"These players should get on their knees and be grateful they can play a game for that kind of money when so many others in this city and country are hurting financially."

Could we see future law suits against Bengals owner Mike Brown in the future?