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Bengals Talk With South Florida Safety Mistral Raymond During Pro Day

South Florida's Pro Day drew all 32 teams to Thursday's Pro Day, largely checking out defensive lineman prospect, Terrell McClain, that brought out Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and heavy hitters with the Chicago Bears in GM Jerry Angelo, head coach Lovie Smith and defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli. NFL Network's Gil Brandt writes that "Marinelli tried to wear him out, but McClain was in superb shape. He was explosive."

The Bengals attended, but they appeared more interested in South Florida's defensive back Mistral Raymond, who spent time talking with team after his Pro Day workout, according to NFL Draft Bible. The Jets, Colts, Falcons and Titans also spoke with the safety. While we'd love to say that the Bengals were interested, we simply have file this under rumored interest for the time being. But it does point out the teams acknowledgement that they could use a safety or two.

Cincinnati is largely expected to draft a safety anywhere after the second round.