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Green v. Jones: Heavyweight WRs Go Toe-to-Toe

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Whenever you get multiple nerds together in a room -- and when I use the term 'nerds' I am referring to people how know way too much about a certain topic that is of little interest to the general public (thus, I count myself among them) -- there will inevitably be a debate. I am not speaking of any ordinary debate however; I'm speaking of the "Who would Win...?" debate. It is a debate that has been occurring since cave men first asked themselves the question "Who would win in a fight - A cheetah, or a lion?" This debate has continued throughout the centuries, and has evolved into lengthy forensic arguments about whether or not the Flash could outrun Superman or whether the Borg could defeat the Empire. Of course, the very premise of a lion fighting a cheetah, or Superman racing the Flash, or super-evil powers of Star Trek and Star Wars fighting each other is patently absurd, but that's not the point. The point is of course, to see which person could come up with the most convincing argument.

In the Jungle, there is a different debate that keeps raging. It is the debate of who is the better receiver: AJ Green or Julio Jones?

The Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy is the latest sports writer to throw in his two cents on the debate - breaking down the merits of each and comparing them skill by skill. In the most nerdy of fashions, he compares, their hands, their route running, their run after the catch, their blocking and their release. Here's what he concludes:

Green has drawn comparisons to Sidney Rice because of his ability to change a game and make acrobatic catches look routine. Jones has drawn comparisons to Andre Johnson because of his speed and for being a physical receiver. Jones closed the gap on Green with a great combine but can not work out due to a broken foot. He also has had a history of injury problems but has shown toughness throughout his career.

I'll let you, my fellow Bengals nerds, debate the rest.