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Bengals Scout Pro Day At Ball State University

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The Cincinnati Bengals were one of eight teams on hand at Ball State University's Pro Day, according to The Star Press. Upwards to 24 players participated from Ball State and other universities. Cardinals defensive end Robert Eddins and offensive lineman Michael Switzer were two of the day's top prospects. Two players from Saint Francis, defensive lineman Bryan Hardister and running back Elijah Flowers, also participated.

The Bengals have a need in each spot, especially at defensive end. With Robert Geathers and Antwan Odom scheduled to earn a combined $17.95 million in base salary through 2012, the Bengals could release one, if not both players, especially if a labor agreement institutes a salary cap.

We feel Odom is the safer bet. If you take out the five quarterback sacks against the Green Bay Packers in 2009 (most of which were against a backup guard), Odom has recorded six quarterback sacks in 21 games. While he struggled in 2010, Robert Geathers has been a strong run defender in the past. The way Geathers plays would be a perfect rotational guy with Carlos Dunlap, who primarily played passing downs during his 9.5 quarterback sack campaign.