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Bengals to Host Nebraska Cornerback Prince Amukamara

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According to's Jason La Confora, Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara is expected to visit the Cincinnati Bengals this week.

Amukamara is considered to be the second best cornerback in this year's draft class after LSU's Patrick Peterson and is projected to be selected somewhere in the first round. CBS's Draft Scout has Amukamara ranked at No. 8 on their big board, saying that he's "the perfect NFL press-cover corner with his combination of size, strength and speed."

The Bengals could easily find themselves in a bind when it comes to the cornerback position. A short year ago, the team had one of the best cornerback duos in the league, Johnathan Joseph and Leon Hall, but now Joseph is a free agent and many expect that the Bengals won't be willing to shell out the kind of money that he'll ask for, or at least the kind of money other teams will. Cincinnati would still have Leon Hall and a very talented Adam Jones, but both would be in contract years in 2011.

Drafting a player like Peterson or Amukamara could insure the future of the position for a few more years.