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Cincy Jungle: Favorite Football Movie Tournament Round One Recap

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The Program
The Program

We've finished the first round of our favorite football movie tournament. We've had some blow outs and a couple match-ups in which a movie won by only a vote or two. Before we move on to the second round, here's a recap of how things went down in the first round.

No.1 The Blindside defeated No. 24 Air Bud: Golden Receiver

No.2 Brian's Song defeated No. 23 Necessary Roughness

No. 3 Remember the Titans defeated No. 22 Little Giants

No. 4 Rudy defeated No. 21 Semi-Tough

No. 20 The Waterboy defeated No. 5 Jerry Maguire

No. 6 Friday Night Lights defeated No. 19 Leatherheads

No. 18 The Program defeated No. 7 We Are Marshall

No. 17 Varsity Blues defeated No. 8 The Longest Yard (1974)

No. 16 The Replacements defeated No. 9 The Express

No. 10 Invincible defeated No. 15 The Longest Yard (2005)

No. 14 Any Given Sunday defeated No. 11 Radio

No. 13 Gridiron Gang defeated No. 12 North Dallas Forty

Tomorrow the second round of our favorite football movie tournament will kick off. Will The Program continue to upset teams or will the heavy weight, The Blind Side continue to sweep through the tournament? Make sure you vote to find out.