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Professional Baseball Team The Florence Freedom Calls On Bengals Players

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Chad Ochocinco is trying to play soccer. Dhani Jones will audition for the vacant role of the Aflac Duck. Bengals players appear to be finding things to do during the NFL lockout that could be lifted as soon as April 6. The United Football League will "aggressively" compete for undrafted free agents.

And the Florence Freedom might be trying to attract Bengals players.

In a letter sent to the Cincinnati Enquirer, professional baseball team, the Florence Freedom, is calling on Bengals players to give baseball a try during the lockout.


With an official lockout looming and a Collective Bargaining Agreement seemingly out of reach, NFL players are preparing for a summer without organized workouts and an uncertain future. The Florence Freedom Professional Baseball Team would like to help out Cincinnati Bengals players by giving them the opportunity to stay active and employed this summer. Please accept our invitation to attend our team tryout on April 23rd!

Chad Ochocinco’s recent tryout with Major League Soccer showed that there are numerous opportunities available for players to pursue other athletic ventures. Located right in Cincinnati’s backyard, the Florence Freedom play a 96 game schedule from late May to early September. Any and all Cincinnati Bengals players under the age of 27 (per league rules) are invited to try out for a spot on the 2011 roster. The tryout will be free of charge to Bengals players as we’d like to lend a hand during these troubled times and help the players stay in shape this offseason.

Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson excelled on both the gridiron and the baseball diamond. Even the greatest basketball player of all time took his shot at America’s pastime. Now, we are giving Bengals players the opportunity to be the next great two-sport star. Please accept our invitation to come “play ball!” with the Freedom.


Florence Freedom Professional Baseball Team
Florence Freedom Team Tryouts
Saturday, April 23rd
2 p.m. – 6 p.m.
7950 Freedom Way
Florence, KY 41042