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Carson Palmer Finally Puts His House On The Market

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Everyone is different when they're upset. You have quiet types, saying nothing in their moments of brooding. Sometimes you don't realize they're upset until they say, "get bent" when asked if they'd prefer pepperoni or sausage on their pizza. There's the yellers, who are so upset, they just yell no matter how ridiculous they sound or how incoherent their points are. You have the physical types, who just punch things. The ranters on YouTube, bikini chicks fighting at Burger King, you know they're upset.

And then you have Carson Palmer, who just sells his house.

In early February, Dennis Janson reported that Palmer was planning on putting his house on the market. A move that didn't surprise the Bengals.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy, Palmer's $2.1 million five-bed room and two-story house at 8885 Whisperinghill Drive finally hits the market. The house, Reedy writes, is "made of stone and brick, sits on five acres and also features a gourmet kitchen, 5 1/2 bathrooms, solarium, swimming pool, spa, golf green and pond."

Chris Mortensen reported during the two conference championship games last season that Palmer was demanding a trade or he'd play the "retirement card". Palmer has hid behind anonymous sources throughout the ordeal. Bengals President Mike Brown laughed heartily while Marvin Lewis recently admitted he won't have his former franchise quarterback one way or another in 2011.