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Mike Pouncey Visiting Bengals Today

According to sources, University of Florida All-American offensive lineman Mike Pouncey is vising the Cincinnati Bengals today.

Pouncy is the twin brother of Pittsburgh Steeler center Maurkice Pouncey, and he says that he wants to do everything his Pro-Bowl brother has done, and then some.

"We’re fierce competitors, obviously," Pouncey said. "Everything he accomplished I want to do the same thing and even better. I know I’m a great player and I’m just hoping to be one of the top guys taken this year."

The Bengals are definitely in need of a new interior offensive lineman and considering the fact that Pouncey accelerated in drills during his pro day and that one scout believes that he's "everything you're looking for in an interior lineman. He's a carbon copy of his brother," the Bengals may have their eye on him.

Right now, Pouncey is projected as a the No. 21 player on CBS's Draft Scout and is projected to fall somewhere in the first round. It's doubtful that Pouncey would rise as high as No. 4 in the draft but if the Bengals trade back, they may be in prime position to upgrade their offensive line with Pouncey, that is if they decide they'd rather draft a lineman over a player like A.J. Green.

While I doubt the Bengals will end up with Pouncey, it would be kind of cool to watch he and his brother battle for best young offensive linemen in the AFC North.

In our mock draft, Pouncey was drafted by Quickslant for the San Diego Chargers