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Bengals' Nugent and Maualuga on the Lockout

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The NFL has agreed to a 24-hour extension to the CBA negotiations in an attempt to avoid a lockout that could jeopardize the immediate future of the league that rules all other sports in America. The Doomsday Clock is almost at midnight and the owners, players and mostly the fans, are all hanging in the balance.

Two of those players that are hanging in the balance, waiting to hear the news, play for the Bengals: linebacker Rey Maualuga and kicker Mike Nugent.

Joe Reedy caught up with both players at Paul Brown Stadium, where they were preparing for the worst.

"It's a very weird feeling," said Nugent about the possibility that his last day in the facility could come at any time. "It's really going to be weird around March 15 or 23, because that's the day you usually come back and begin offseason workouts. The fact is that if things aren't figured out you can't talk to anybody (with the team except for players). When everything is going normal you kind of forget that it is a business in the end."

Mike Nugent, who hopes to start kicking again by May, has been hearing the same things that the fans have: two completely different stories.

"One day you hear it was a real good discussion and the next you hear that they're not even close. It's good to know that they're still talking but it's also tough to know that the league might shut down for awhile."

Maualuga was at the stadium so he could pick up his shoulder pads. In the event of a lockout, players won't be able to access the stadium or any team facilities. He believes, however, that if there is a lockout, it won't last very long.

"I don't think it (a lockout) will be a long time," Maualuga said. "Football is a big sport. We've got the guys working on it. We've got people negotiating. In the time being, just work out, stay out of trouble and be ready when things resume."

If there is a lockout, Reedy says that Maualuga plans on sticking around town to workout with full back Fui Vakapuna and Jordan Shipley.