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Cincy Jungle: Favorite Football Movie Second Round Plan

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So we've finished with the first round of the tournament to narrow our favorite football movies down to one, the greatest football movie of all time. There has been some stiff competition so far, one match-up had to be decided by one vote.

Just for you, we have taken the time to create a bracket and give some of your favorite movies that have been eliminated a second chance. Oh, and by we, I mean Josh.

Here's our bracket so far:

Now, see that at the very bottom right? Yeah, that's where your favorite eliminated movie is going to go. Tonight, I'll create a post in which you can vote on which of the eliminated movies you feel deserves a second chance. Then, at the end of the second round, we'll do the same thing.

So if your favorite football movie was We Are Marshall, we're doing this for you because We Are Marshall had the terrible task of taking on The Program; it had no chance to survive.

Make sure you come back tonight to vote for the losing movie from the first round that you feel deserves a second chance.