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Best Seventh Round Draft Picks During Marvin Lewis Era: Number Three - Scott Kooistra

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We are currently ranking the best players based on the round that they were drafted during the Marvin Lewis era. We've finished the first two rounds. Now we're finishing with the seventh round first. #5 is Ethan Kilmer. #4 is Clinton McDonald.

#3 Scott Kooistra

With the 215th pick of the 2003 NFL Draft, Marvin Lewis' first as the head coach, the Bengals selected offensive lineman Scott Kooistra out of North Carolina State. Some of you are literally pronouncing WTF in the old unrecognizable form of actually saying words sans acronyms, aren't you?

The truth is, Scott Kooistra was an effective backup offensive lineman during his seven-season stay with the Bengals, playing 84 games -- most of which were also on special teams.

From early on in his career, Kooistra played tackle in jumbo formations when Levi Jones shifted to the tight end spot. Kooistra, often giving Willie Anderson a breathers late in the fourth quarter of games, also filled in for Eric Steinbach when Steinbach moved to center for an injured Rich Braham or Larry Moore. Kooistra also filled in at both tackle spots throughout much of his career. In 2007, Kooistra saw significant playing time for an injured Willie Anderson at right tackle and moved to left guard when Andrew Whitworth had to move out to left tackle for an injured Levi Jones. That same year, the Bengals offensive line, with Kooistra, broke a franchise record with allowing only 17 quarterback sacks.

Kooistra was often the sixth offensive linemen, coming in during jumbo formations or subbing for injured players. A role that hasn't really been filled since.

The backup offensive lineman was eventually waived in late November of 2009, signing with the Cleveland Browns in late December. He signed with the Baltimore Ravens in October of 2010, but has been out of football since he was released in November.

  3. Scott Kooistra
  4. Clinton McDonald
  5. Ethan Kilmer